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Resignation Of Ryan Bowman



Lehighton, PA - 5/21/2023

PA Outdoor Veterans (POV) announces the resignation of Mr. Ryan Bowman from his position as Executive Director. The POV Board of Directors has accepted Mr. Bowman's resignation and expresses sincere gratitude for his dedicated service to the organization.

During his tenure, Mr. Bowman has played an instrumental role in advancing the mission of PA Outdoor Veterans, providing invaluable support to our nation's veterans through outdoor experiences and camaraderie. His commitment has left a lasting impact on the organization and those it serves.

The POV Board extends its heartfelt appreciation to Mr. Bowman for his contributions, professionalism, and tireless efforts in furthering the goals of PA Outdoor Veterans. The Board wishes him the very best in his future endeavors.

A search for a new Executive Director will commence immediately, ensuring a smooth transition and continued excellence in serving our veteran community.

For media inquiries or further information, please contact:

POV Board of Directors


Voting Of Board of Directors



  PA Outdoor Veterans Announces Board of Directors Election Results  

Lehighton, PA -5/21/2023 -

PA Outdoor Veterans (POV), a distinguished nonprofit organization committed to serving and supporting veterans through outdoor experiences, is pleased to announce the results of the recent Board of Directors election.   Following a democratic voting process, the POV Board of Directors welcomes a new leadership team to guide the organization's strategic direction and ensure the fulfillment of its mission.

The newly elected officers are as follows:

- Lisa Wetzel: President

- Robert Stocklas: Vice President

- Jason Wetzel: Treasurer

- Rick Kocher: Secretary  

The Board is confident in the exceptional capabilities and extensive experience that each officer brings to their respective roles. Their dedication to the mission of PA Outdoor Veterans and their profound commitment to our veteran community will undoubtedly propel the organization forward.  

In addition to the newly elected officers, the Board also recognizes and acknowledges the continued service of several dedicated members. Dawn Cramer, Keith Haass, and Gary Ginklinger have resumed their duties as esteemed Board Members. Their invaluable expertise and unwavering support will continue to contribute to the success and growth of PA Outdoor Veterans.  

The Board of Directors would like to extend their gratitude to the outgoing officers and members for their significant contributions and commitment to the organization. Their efforts have been instrumental in shaping the impact and reach of PA Outdoor Veterans, and their dedication will always be valued.  

Under the leadership of the new officers and the collective expertise of the Board, PA Outdoor Veterans remains steadfast in its mission to provide transformative outdoor experiences for veterans. Through recreational activities, wellness programs, and community-building initiatives, the organization strives to empower veterans to heal, grow, and thrive.  

For further inquiries or information, please contact:  

Board of Directors PA outdoor Veterans


About PA Outdoor Veterans:   PA Outdoor Veterans (POV) is a distinguished nonprofit organization based in Lehighton, PA, dedicated to serving and supporting veterans through outdoor experiences. POV offers a wide range of recreational activities, wellness programs, and community-building initiatives that foster healing, personal growth, and camaraderie among veterans. For more information, visit www.paoutdoorveterans.org

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